Gravel Road Online Workshop

This first round of funding in the U.S.EPA Unity Pond Watershed Protection Plan will focus on both private and public areas and improvements utilizing best management practices for private camp and town roads. The grant money - if awarded by the E.P.A through the Maine Department of Environmental Protection - will be used to mitigate erosion and stormwater runoff by improving town roads, private gravel roads, driveways, culverts, ditches, bridges and other infrastructure. Using the grants to leverage additional funds from property owners and municipalities, an estimated $1,500,000.00 is anticipated to be spent on erosion control around Lake Winnecook. Find out more information by attending this free workshop:


This 1-hr online workshop will provide an overview for gravel road residents, lake and road association members, town officials, contractors, and other watershed managers to better understand methods and practices for evaluating and maintaining gravel roads. 


Presenter: John Maclaine, Nonpoint Source Training Center, Maine DEP

When: February 6 @ 630-730pm

Join the Zoom Meeting here

Meeting ID: 818-0597-4908

Passcode: 417148